Best Top 3 Vlog Camera With Screen Return 2019

You start a video blog for the vlog, but you do not know exactly what you need to create the best vlog possible. You need the best vlog camera with screen return on the market for 2019. Yes, you can use your laptop with its webcam for the vlog, but to point you out, you're going to need something more . It can be very confusing to find the best vlog camera to start a video blog.

We are looking into the possibilities, for example, if the cameras with back screen can record quality videos and take pictures. If you want to tell stories in the first person with a camera, you can film yourself easily, as if you were using a flip screen. The best action cameras are great if you want to be on the move.

Well, we have already done extensive research and analyzed dozens of vlog cameras with screenshots to help you choose the best. We took into account many key factors such as ISO level, aperture, sensor technology, lens integration, focal length, and so on.
Best Vlog Camera With Back 2019

1. Canon PowerShot G7 Mark II X - Professional Vlog Camera
With a price of less than 600 euro, the PowerShot G7 X Mark II screen-return camera is our best vlog camera with low-budget screen return for professional vloggers.
Built-in Wi-Fi for traveling.
Take pictures continuously up to 8 frames per second.
CMOS sensor 1.0 inch, 20.1 megapixels.
24-100mm equiv. Objective F1.8-2.8.
Microphone: integrated
LED display: 3 "touch screen with 1.04 million points
The LCD 3.0 "tiltable from 180 ° to 45 ° is ideal for vloggers.
the PowerShot G7 X Mark II is a compact and easy-to-use screen-return camera for vloggers. It comes with a 1.0 inch sensor, 20.1 megapixels.

He improved technology in tracking objects. As in the vlog, your main goal is to create the videos, Mark II best fits your needs. You can create a video up to 60 frames per second in .mp4 format. The camera is capable of capturing Full HD 1080p video, which means high quality video with more clarity.

Blurred video can ruin your work. To remedy this, the company introduces the Dual Sensing IS system. This will reduce the blurring effect of the video by using the data collected by the CMOS sensor. The camera also works great at night and offers greater aperture with f / 1.8-2.8. A camera with f stops from 1.8 can work very well in low light. In addition, it has a wide ISO range up to 12800.

The DIGIC 7 smart image processor is used in Mark II, which not only allows you to take high-speed photos (8 fps in JPEG and RAW format), but also to improve image quality with less noise and more sharpness. Chips also help with fast and accurate focus. In addition, the 4,2x optical zoom makes it possible to bring the contact closer while maintaining the quality. This is the best video camera with a flip screen to create Full HD video and has a fine zoom function.

The Canon Mark II manufactured with a 24-100mm lens can take larger and zoomed photos. The camera's 3-inch touch screen makes it easy to navigate and toggles between various functions, such as scene modes, focus positions, and more. all angles.

Note here that there is no port for the microphone, but that there is a built-in microphone. The microphone is great, but in a noisy situation, it will be a bit complicated to record audio. It is equipped with Wi-Fi and NFS. So it's very fun to share images with PowerShot G7x Mark II, because you can control it with an Android or IOS phone and recover the files from the camera. It can be charged via a USB cable, which avoids having to carry the external charger.
2. Canon PowerShot G7 - Best Vlog Camera 2019

Here is another player in the list of the best vlog cameras with screen return as his predecessor G7 X Mark II. But the G7X is also a valuable vlog camera with flip screen. It is a perfect camera that includes balanced features such as a compact size, a rocker screen, a CMOS sensor, a fast object detector, WIFI, NFC and excellent low-light performance. You can put it in your pocket and take pictures and videos of beautiful places.
Built-in Wi-Fi for traveling.
1.0 inch CMOS sensor, 20.2 megapixels.
24-100mm equiv. Objective F1.8-2.8.
Microphone: integrated
LED display: 3 "touch screen with 1.04 million points
The LED monitor 3.0 "tilt 180 °
The 304g camera with battery comes with a 20.2MP 1 inch sensor and a focal length of 24-100mm. It has a 3-inch TFT LCD screen that can be hinged 180 degrees. In addition, it has a built-in flashlight with a range of 7m. The main differences between the Mark II 7X and 7X are that Mark II is equipped with an improved battery, a fast focus and an advanced image processing chip, and therefore a bit more expensive than the G7x.

Canon PowerShot G7x has the same 4.2X optical zoom and 4x digital that lets you show things up close. The 9-blade aperture creates fuzzy artistic backgrounds. The maximum aperture varies from f / 1.8 to 2.8 and has a minimum focus range of 5 cm. The two cameras G7 X and G7X Mark II preferably offer high performance in low light compared to other competing cameras at the same price. Both come with ISO span from 125 to 12800.

The camera also supports playback modes such as transition effects, RGB histogram, slow motion, subsequent frames, erase and edit, and so on. The G7X can produce excellent 1080p Full HD video. It has a DIGC 6 image processor that allows the user to take 6.5 pics / sec.

The small problem with the PowerShot G7X 40.4 mm thick device is that it has a low battery, nearly 210 outlets. If you're creating videos while staying at home, you do not need to worry, or keep an eye on the battery level and, if possible, take a power bank with you. If you can not afford Mark II, then this one is a great option.

3. Sony CyberShot DSC-RX100v 4K Camera - Best Camera for Youtube
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100v is another well-finished vlog camera with screen return. This extremely fast camera takes 150 continuous shots at 24 fps with AF mode. It has a 1 "CMOS sensor with 2.9x optical zoom. The DSC-RX100 V format is 20.1 MP, which also allows the user to capture slow motion video at a maximum speed of 960 fps, allowing more detail. Plus, with 2.9x optical zoom, you can zoom in and out while recording. The flip screen can go up and down at 180 and 45 degrees respectively.
Take continuous pictures up to 25 frames per second.
CMOS sensor 1.0 inch, 20.1 megapixels.
24-70mm equiv. Objective F1.8-2.8.
Microphone: integrated
LED display: 3 "touch screen with 1.04 million points
Screen return: Yes, 180 degrees and 45 degrees down
This Sony Vlog Camera has a remarkable fast focus system, so the subject is in focus in just 0.05 seconds. 315 points after the focus so that it can focus easily. In addition, the camera is equipped with a dual shooting function. In this, you can create still images even when you record a video.

You can also download a number of vlog software (applications) into the camera. These applications help users edit videos and images. This will allow the user to show his creative skills by modifying it. You can turn your smartphone or tablet into a viewfinder by connecting to the camera. More, by installing the PlayMemories app on a mobile, you can share the files in a few keystrokes. Another thing that we found very practical, it allows to change the first 3 letters of the file. So, after catching, you can easily manage the files.
As far as low light performance is concerned, the maximum aperture of 1.8 is very powerful and brilliant. ISO is another thing that helps improve low-light performance. This ranges from 125 to 1200, but it can be boosted between 80 and 25600. The major disadvantage of this camera is that it can record 4K up to 5 minutes. But you can record a 1080p video without limit. Thanks to its many features and its extremely compact format (41 mm), the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100v is one of the best vlog camera with screen return.