Our selection of all-terrain electric scooters

Dualtron Thunder

This electric scooter with fingerprint proposed by the manufacturer Minimotors has a range of 100 km for an estimated top speed of 85 km / h. Equipped with a lithium ion battery and a 5400 Watts motor, it has a charging time of 19 hours.

By opting for this model, you also benefit from front and rear suspension with elastomer dampers and headlights. Front-mounted and rear-assist hydraulic disc brakes are also characteristic of this type of off-road electric scooter model.

The Dualtron Thunder is the ultimate in power, speed and battery life. You can use it in any weather and on all types of terrain. However, the major challenge that we associate more generally with its use remains its weight (43 kg). It would be wise to put it in the trunk of a car to transport it.

SXT 1600 XL Off-Road Scooter

The SXT 1600 XL is the most powerful all-terrain electric scooter of the brand. It has the characteristics of the least interesting: 32 kg (without battery), engine power of 1600 Watts, seat and brake light, front and rear shock absorbers, LED lighting, front and rear disc brakes, etc.

In addition, this SXT all-terrain electric scooter can be equipped with either a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion or lithium-ion battery. In these conditions, the speed really depends on the type of battery. A lead-acid battery has a maximum speed of 43 km / h. With a lithium battery, you have the opportunity to drive much faster, an estimated top speed of about 55 km / h.

For this kind of model, the choice of the battery can be decisive. You get a better grip (up to 50 km for 40 kg) with a model equipped with lithium battery. But a longer charge cycle (1500).

Elocifero Mad off-road scooter

This is an electric scooter with saddle and gas control, with a power of 1600 Watts. Its ergonomic design (non-slip foldable handles, adjustable height and removable seat, wooden bridge, high-strength steel frame, alloy wheels with off-road tires, etc.) gives it a certain comfort in use.

Other criteria are added and make optimal use in everyday life: front and rear disc brakes, two headlights, speedometer, tires with standard car valves, etc.

With this model, you have a range of 32 km (depending on the terrain) and a top speed of max 60 km / h in unbridled mode, temperature and terrain. The maximum charging time is 6 hours for a total weight of 48 kg.

The Velocifero Mad offers a very good driving experience. But, its weight can be quite difficult to manage on a daily basis.

Minimtrors Ultratron Ultra

Overall, the Dualtron models from Minimotors offer very good references in terms of autonomy and speed. This model is no exception to the rule. This all-terrain electric scooter offers a no-load operation of 120 km and an estimated speed of around 80 km / h.

With the Dualtron Ultra, you get an LCD screen to control the speed and gauge the battery. Equipped with a lithium-ion battery, this all-terrain electric scooter has a weight of 37 kg and a charging time of 17 hours.

If you want a powerful adult electric scooter, able to propel you to a good speed on all types of terrain, the Dualtron Ultra would suit you perfectly. It has Eco, Turbo, single or dual engine modes that keep you in control of the vehicle's handling.

However, if to carry it you only need to fold the handlebars on the platform, the weight does not quite favor a permanent wear.