Razor A5 Lux Scooter - Red

Bought this for my niece to replace her scooter with smaller wheels and she loves it!
- Gives a very smooth ride compared to smaller wheel scooters especially on smooth surface
- Nice quality; been using it for more than half a year now and the steering/handlebar head is still aligned straight with the front wheel (the same thing can't be said about our previous scooter)
- Can go some distance with just a single kick
- Comes with a micro kick stand
- Can accomodate an adult with one foot on the deck
- Nice metallic color

- Beware! Rear brake doesn't work when the road is wet
- Due to the light weight of this scooter, the front wheel rises above the ground when I push it too hard. The same thing didn't happen to my niece who is 9 years old.
- Hard to pull the pin to fold the scooter. The pin mostly doesn't latch smoothly.
- The handlebar is slightly loose against the headboard. This happened 1 month after purchase. Yet to use an allen key to tighten it, hopefully that'll fix it.
Good for short commute!
Bought this when I lost my bicycle and used it to cut the walking from train/bus stations and campus buildings. Sturdy and appropriate size for an adult. Not wiggly but you can really feel the bumps on the road. I appreciate the rough surface on the base for better grip of shoes. Kind of heavy and bulky to be carried around but again it’s for the adult size.

Very nice big kid or adult kick scooter
Bought for my 10y/o. It is wonderful! It took less than five minutes to go from the box to having my son riding it. He LOVES it. I tried it and the ride is smooth due to the larger wheels. The handles are adjustable and would accomodate a taller adult. The scooter easily folds for portability.
Easy assembly, smooth ride!

This is a great first scooter for kids (and adults). Assembly took about 2 minutes and it feels sturdy. The wheels are a good size and smooth, but it doesn't go too fast that I'm worried about my child's safety. My husband (185 lbs) and I both took short rides on this and it still felt very stable and worked well. My daughter didn't care for the seat, but it was still nice to have that option