Thanks to its ergonomic design and its smooth curves, the Coavas office adapts to all your activities. Its chic and discreet black color will allow it to blend in with discretion to your interiors. With its smooth and sleek curves, this office will find its place in a corner as well as in the center of a room. In addition, its rounded corner will not present any danger for your children.

Very simple to assemble and supplied with all the set of screws, the assembly of the Coavas corner desk does not require any additional equipment, even the DIY novices can assemble it very easily thanks to the detailed installation manual supplied with the equipment. .

Its very spacious L-shaped surface allows you to easily have all your computer equipment (screens, keyboard, mouse, graphic tablet, ect) and work comfortably without feeling cramped.

Combining comfort and ergonomics, the corner office Coavas can very well serve as a gaming office.
Robust: Its steel support allows it to support a very heavy load and gives it a great stability, moreover, it resists perfectly to the water.

Ergonomic: Ergonomic and very well designed, this office will easily find its place in your interiors, whether modern or classic.

Spacious: Its large workspace will allow you to carry out your daily activities while being comfortable.

Usage: The ergonomic design of this office grants a great freedom of use, it can serve as a computer desk, office for studies or for artistic creations.

Assembly: The assembly of the Coavas desk is child's play, all assembly steps are thoroughly explained in its installation manual. Supplied with a whole set of screws, there is no need to invest in additional hardware.

Safe for children: With rounded edges, this desk is safe for toddlers.