The 5 best cameras to vlog on YouTube like a pro

Focus: two tripods to stabilize your shots in a snap
1 Sony RX100 IV - A very good vlog camera
The Cyber-shot RX100 IV is the first Sony RX100 compact camera to shoot in 4K TV (3840 x 2160 px, UHD). Equipped with a high-speed CMOS Exmor RS stacked 1 "sensor, and a 24mm-70mm f / 1.8-2.8 lens, this camera also features ultra-fast 250, 500 and 1000 record modes i / s. Perfect for slow-motion filming and slow motion, while maintaining a clear and bright image!

In video mode, you can choose between the customizable pre-recorded settings (PP1 to PP6), and the manual mode that allows you to set your shooting in great detail, from the exposure of the image to the focus. We also note the presence of recording assistants such as zebra and focus peaking, to further optimize the rendering.

Recording in 4K TV at 25 fps is possible over a period of 5 minutes. The XAVC-S format is used to maximize video compression up to 100 Mb / s to increase detail, smooth movement and reduce moire. The High Frame Rate (HFR) mode, used for slow motion or motion decomposition effects, provides recording rates that slow down the speed of a scene by up to 40x.

Despite video features that meet the demands of an informed or professional audience, the RX100 IV does not have a headphone jack or microphone output. This represents a major handicap to realize vlogs in mobility, outside, or in a sound environment nonmaitrisable. Some users also note the difficulty of setting certain modes, which can discourage beginners in photography as in video. Finally, the shooting time in 4K may seem short and greedy energy for a result certainly excellent, but difficult to exploit in native format if you do not use a recent editing software.
2 Canon G7X Mark II - A good choice of Best vlogging camera to make video youtube
Unlike the Sony RX100 which relies on 4K for an optimal definition of the image, the Canon G7 Mark II does not rise higher than the Full HD, amply enough for a vlog on Youtube. It offers a grain of image similar to that which can be found on SLR cameras, which may interest videographers in search of a less "smooth" rendering. The lens of this camera has an optical zoom equivalent to a 24-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 stabilized, allowing for varied plane values, from wide angle to very narrow zoom. Some weaknesses in the accuracy of the image at the periphery and at the edge of the image are to be noted, from an aperture at f / 5.6 to 24 mm as at 100mm.

In terms of ergonomics and robustness, the Canon G7X Mark II has some interesting assets as a pleasant grip thanks to the handle on the case, a touch screen tilting upwards to 180 ° and down to 45 ° to control the picture quality even when shooting in low-angle, as well as an adjustment ring around the disengageable lens in video and manual mode. You will be able to make adjustments in full filming, in the most absolute silence.

On the sound side, this camera offers stereo sound recording, thanks to two sensors on the top of the camera. However, again, no output for headphones or for an external microphone. Attention therefore to the shots in a sound environment not maitrisable!

Finally, Wifi and NFC allow you to take control of your camera remotely once it paired with your smartphone, or store your data directly on your computer, without cable!
3 Canon G9X Mark II - Another good camera to film on youtube
As a small cousin of the G7X Mark II, the Canon G9X Mark II stands out from it not by technology but by its format. The case is slightly larger than a playing card, with a fixed touch screen and 4 controls to navigate between the different settings in addition to the mode dial. It is therefore an ultra portable camera, optimized for photo and non-video shooting.

On the lens side, this one presents possibilities of variation of shots smaller than its cousin (28mm-84mm f / 2-4.9 against 24mm-100mm f / 1.8-2.8 for the G7X Mark II) , and lower image quality under low light conditions. Focusing and adjustments can be made from the touch screen or the adjustment ring around the lens. Caution: This unit does not allow you to adjust the focus or other setting once you start shooting. In terms of image definition, the G9X Mark II is equipped with a 1 '' CMOS sensor and DIGIC7 technology, identical to those of the G7X Mark II, which makes it possible to shoot in Full HD, but not in 4K or UHD. The same observation for the sound: you have to trust the audio inputs built into the case, lack of headphone jack and microphone.

In terms of connectivity, the G9X Mark II has a mini USB port to charge the battery and transfer data, as well as a mini HDMI. It also benefits from Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth technologies, useful to complete the use of your smartphone and share your shots quickly. Regarding this last point, the function Short clip movie, which allows the shooting of mini video clips up to 8s seems a good idea for those who are addicted to social networks and snapshots of daily slices.

With its technical capabilities and ergonomics, this compact is positioned rather alongside high-end amateur cameras, and not range environments for experienced or professional users. It is recommended for beginners who wish to become familiar with the different modes of setting shooting, or to a public aware mobility, or, in addition to a more sophisticated device.
4 Nikon Coolpix A900 - A camera for youtube cheap
Compact and easy to use, the Nikon Coolpix A900 is distinguished by a hinged screen, clear menus, easy to set, a 20.3 Mpx CMOS sensor, a 24mm-840 mm optical zoom with an aperture of f / 3,4-6,9 and the possibility of filming in 4K if desired. Wi-Fi connections, low-power Bluetooth and Snapbridge connectivity (to pair the camera with your smartphone) are also integrated. Many assets that facilitate filming and ensure a good quality of rendering on the screen.

It should be noted that the Coolpix A900 does not offer a mode specifically dedicated to video, but a simple button for recording disengaged PASM modes. An interesting function to take pictures during the shooting without having to reparam├ętrer your device. A slide show mode of clips, which assembles several small clips of a maximum duration of 30 seconds, is also integrated, perfect to spread quickly a teaser on the social networks.

The presence of a vibration reduction system, which allows sharp images in all circumstances, as well as wide diaphragm aperture range, make it a recommended device for vloggers in search of sharp shots whatever the situation, at the expense however of the brightness of the image. For indoor shoots, additional lighting will be needed to avoid spending too much time in post-production.
5 Yi 4K + - The perfect vlog camera for adventurers / sportsmen
To end this selection, we chose the action cam YI 4K +, presented as a serious competitor of GoPro in the field of video mobility and sports.

With a shooting angle of 155 ° opening at f / 2.8, a 12MPx Exmor R 1 / 2.3 "CMOS sensor, pocket size (42 x 65 x 30 mm) and many customizations possible to shoot in 4K, this camera can become your best ally whether you are fans of extreme sports or just happy to show your latest shoes, unpretentious artistic rendering.

An advantage over other models offered apart from its ease of use and transport? Two accessories: a Type-C to RCA adapter, to connect the camera to a TV for example, and a Type-C to 3.5mm female jack adapter, to connect an external microphone to the camera. A must take because the quality of audio capture is a weak point of this camera, more quick to capture the wind than your voice.

In addition to the many image definition variations available (from 480px to 4K HD), the camera offers the following settings: video shutter speed, sensitivity lock, exposure mode, white balance, sensitivity, exposure compensation, color profile, timestamp, choice of quality, choice of the maximum file size. All listed in clear and ergonomic menus, which will satisfy both beginners and advanced users.