Nishimatsuya is recommended for baby gates! Mama Tall Baby Gate Review!

Hello. I ’m a writer, Ageha.

I bought the baby gate I wanted for a long time. When it was installed, it turned out that the stress was reduced and the housework was improved. That's why I will introduce "Mamator Baby Gate" I purchased this time!

This is the "Mama Tall Baby Gate" purchased.

The height of the baby gate is 65mm. The width corresponds to 72-85mm. The color is brown.

The door is double-locked and safe for children because it is difficult to open and close.

When you take it out of the box, the main body looks like this.

The accessories include

4 adjusters for tension

4 screws for bonding

Double-sided tape x 4

Is attached.

First, attach the adjusters to the top, bottom, left, and right.

Next, bring the baby gate to the position where you want to attach it, and temporarily hold the adjuster while supporting the body. Temporary fixing is performed in the order of the lower part and the upper part.

When temporary fixing is over, it is finally fixed.

Turn the knob on the adjuster evenly from the left to the right.

If you can confirm that the body does not move by shaking the body, the baby gate installation is complete. For those who are worried about strength, put double-sided tape on the adjuster and fix it with screws.

My child is wondering what daddy is doing. It looks like a little bit out.

Once the baby gate is set up, you can remove the string and move the door.

By the way, double-lock type doors can be opened and closed smoothly by pressing the lock once and lifting the main body door upward.

Advantages / disadvantages of Baby Gate What is different before and after installation?

Somehow, although there is an image that "Baby Gate seems convenient", there are some people who are vague about what is useful. So, I summarized the advantages and disadvantages of Baby Gate.

Advantages of baby gate

If you install a baby gate where you want to prevent children from entering, such as in front of the kitchen or stairs, you can safely do housework

If there is a baby gate in front of the kitchen, you can avoid pranks such as opening a cupboard or taking things out of the rack

From the above, you can concentrate on housework with relative peace of mind

Disadvantages of Baby Gate

Baby gate opening and closing may feel troublesome

Since it is difficult to come and go, it is difficult to get away and escape in an emergency.

Depending on the construction of the kitchen, it may not be installed.

In the case of our child, before installing the baby gate, the kitchen cupboard was opened, things were taken out, towels were pulled, spare kitchen paper was torn, and so on. After setting up the baby gate, I realized that I couldn't go to the kitchen and accepted the situation smoothly without crying, so I could concentrate on my housework.